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Chances are you’ve heard or already have been to the Riverview Diner many times. It has been a popular spot for diners throughout the lower Fox Valley area for years. Initially, the Riverview Diner operated out of a small former Pizza Hut on Southeast River Road, but its success warranted larger quarters and a few years ago the owners acquired a vacant lot next door and constructed a spacious new restaurant, complete with large picture windows overlooking the river, a fireplace, and an outdoor dining area. The fireplace and scenic view gives the Riverview a warm, homey feel and we both found it easy to relax as we settled in our booth.

Our waitress, who was welcoming and attentive, soon arrived with our menus. We were immediately impressed with both the size and variety of the dining options. Simply put, the Riverview Diner offers all good things Americana at reasonable prices. From your classic bacon and eggs and pancakes for breakfast to turkey club sandwiches and Chicken Caesar salads for lunch to Baby Back BBQ ribs, prime rib, honey glazed ham, shrimp baskets and center-cut pork chops for dinner, the chefs at the Riverview Diner – in a stunning display of kitchen wizardry – can do it all.

The Mystery Diner recommends the Riverview Diner to anyone looking to enjoy American cuisine in all its tasty and varied forms no matter the day, time or meal. Dine on!














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